Friday, 26 February 2010

The Upcoming Vanilla PvP Gear Surge

The upcoming Marks of Honor changes in the current PTR build means more than just easier PvP access to the people of Argent Dawn. It means some neat outfits.

The Vanilla (World of Warcraft before the two expansions) PvP sets were very reminiscent to the armor of Warcraft III. With Alliance RP holed up in the Human city of Stormwind, the Plate sets are very popular for those who RP with a Military background.

This is the Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor, the rare (blue) level 60 PvP set for Warriors. And I adore it on Gnomes. Too much. This change tempts me to pay the whole £20 to transfer my Undead Warrior and rock this kit out.

I'm 100% certain this gear will become a -lot- more visible on the server in the next patch. While there's the argument of "It's not unique if everyone has it", i'm sure this'll give people a lot more confidence to get into the sometimes difficult military RP that the Alliance loves so.

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  1. Huzzah! Awesome looking armour for all!