Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Argent Dawn and Me...

Now the site is somewhat legible (unless you use an ancient version of IE) I figure I should actually start posting about what I wanted this site to be.

About, let's say three years ago, I joined the Argent Dawn EU server thanks to my brother. At the time he was already part of the servers Roleplay illuminati, so it was easy to piggy back off his success. Somewhere about a year into my RP-time, I discovered the wonders of Gnomes! Since then, my main has been Moppentoff.

Two years of Gnome-fuelled RP followed, with a number of Guilds and Events under my belt. Towards the beginning of Patch 3.3, I strayed towards the Horde, sadly dissilusioned to what The Alliance has become. For now, i'm hedging my bets and sitting on both sides. There's a lot of recent news that could affect this, and I hope to be able to Blog it all for your amusement.

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