Friday, 19 February 2010

Football - A Diamond-Encrusted Mugs Game

For my Writing for Broadcasting course, we've been given the task of writing 300 words or so on Football; debating on whether it's a good thing or pretty sucky.

Obviously this is being written for Radio, and kind of needs to be neutral. I forgot about that at first:
...I went to the cinema recently and was subjected to an advert for a generic sports brand of clothing. The ad entailed of numerous people, clearly at their place of work, instead playing with a football than actually being useful to the worlds economy. That group of people probably single-handedly lost Wayne Rooneys daily wage in the space of thirty seconds. Arseholes.

This idea of Football being the one true escapism from the drudges of normal life is pretty tedious. It's a sport, not a ticket to surefire glory and "bitches in the back" or whatever the kids call it. The amount of effort that people put into their obsession with the game can be scary. Football Manager is a strong testament to the lenghts people will go to to make sure their Pixel Perfect dream team dominates the globe with an iron boot.

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

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