Thursday, 8 April 2010

More Operation Gnomeregan... Gnews

NOTE: The site should be faster now, it was almost destroyed by over 300 spam posts in a single article. Lesson learned.

A recent update to the site says that the operation to reclaim Gnomeregan is imminent. Whether that means 3.9 will come sooner than I thought or not, it's got some juicy content. Even better, it proves the Blizz team are on a similar wavelength to me.

All the Lore fluff aside, it includes a few pictures and one particulary interesting poster.

The Poster is heavily influenced by the propaganda of the Soviet-era, with bold colours and straight edged shapes dominating the page, bold statements of power stamped on to show their might and so on. This general style is something I attributed to The Gigaflux Guard of old. I've always seen Gnomish "Media" in a similar vein to the blanket coverage of the USSR, but with the standard light edge of Gnomish... anything. If you want a Police State, there's Silvermoon. If you wan't a Police Academy State, Gnomeregan.

Here's a thing I cooked up when The Gigaflux Guard was in full swing. See anything similar?

Download the Hi-Res version of the Blizzard Poster here

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